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INTERVIEW: Joey Tempest of Europe

Le 16/09/

Joey Tempest talks on ... Hello Joey and thank you for accepting this interview for

JT : Hello to all of our French fans and everyone else out there! Hope you are well out there and are staying safe.

E: I hope you and your family are doing well and that you haven’t been too affected by COVID 19.

JT: Thank you for asking how I am. I’m doing alright and are very much looking forward to 2022 and new adventures.

E: How do you live this quite unprecedented pandemic elsewhere?

JT : During this trying time and touring silence, it has also been an opportunity for us in the band to spend valuable time and care for our families.

E: The group has resumed concerts. How do you feel after a 1.5-year break?

JT : However, the two concerts in Finland this summer just made us realise how much we have missed playing together and interacting with music lovers again!

E: First of all, a question that everyone asks: when will the new album be released? Has writing or recording started?

JT : We have started writing new music and of course it will be an enormous pleasure to put a new album out there for you guys, as you know we love being in the studio. But we are about to embark on a big touring year (2022) which we still consider being a part of the Walk The Earth tour. Although it would be amazing to put new music out next year, we’re still in the planning stages so we can’t give you a clear answer right now.

And as some of you already know we are documenting live shows around the world and we would like to include 2022 as well and hopefully put something exciting together for you guys.

E: “Walk The Earth” is about politics, democracy and peoples’ freedom. What theme (s) are you going to talk about in the next album? Besides, does the group want to continue in the same style or would you like Europe to evolve by trying new things?

JT : Every album has its own story and identity. Our future music will of course reflect the times we’re living in and we are also tapping into the energy of our early songwriting. However, most of the magic happens in the studio or just before we go in so we all have to wait and see.

E: It’s been 15 years since Europe came together. What is your assessment?

JT : The albums since 2004 are showing a very interesting journey, I think. The touring has made us stronger as musicians the writing has made us more adventurous. We are still having a lot of fun and are very lucky to have this job.

I’m proud of my solo albums and it gave me so much new energy and inspiration to start up with Europe again.

E: I really liked your solo period and an album that marked me personally is « Azalea Place », of which solo album are you the proudest ?

JT : I’m proud of my solo albums and it gave me so much new energy and inspiration to start up with Europe again. I listened to Azalea Place quite a lot earlier this summer and right now it’s my favourite. Richard Dodd did an awesome job producing it when I was residing in the outskirts of Nashville and it feels to me it’s been somewhat underrated. Some magic in there
for sure.

E: You’re a great songwriter, don’t you want to write for other artists as well as you did for Tone Norum in 1986? Which artist would you like to collaborate with?

JT : Regarding writing for other artists: I’ve written a bit for other artists over the years, but I need to be personally and emotionally involved with the music I write. It was never really a priority for me.

E: By the way, what are you listening to these days ? 

JT : During lockdown I’ve been going back to the start, listening to “greats” like Dylan and Robertson etc. But I’m still interested in what Greta Van Fleet and Rival Sons are up to. Also, I am eager to hear what our friends in Ghost and Opeth are
working on.

E: Did you listen to Kee Marcello’s last album released in May and if so when do you think? What do you think about him calling his album « Out Of This World »?

JT : Regarding our former guitar player: I still have great respect for Kee as an artist and we did have a great time together making and touring those two albums. But he is on his own journey now making his own choices. Just hope he is happy and
having fun.

E: Charlie Watts, Eddie Van Halen, Dusty Hill, Robby Steinhardt among others have unfortunately disappeared. We have seen the demise of a generation of talented musicians. What is your feeling on this? Do you think rock will die slowly, giving way to this artificial music that dominates today or do you trust the new generation of musicians?

JT : Regarding the future of Rock music: I’m forever the optimist with most things. There is some negotiating beginning to take place in regards to “streaming” and royalty streams to artists in the new world which could lead to major record labels wanting to branch out a bit more again and not just collecting revenuefrom back catalogs. That could lead to them signing more rock bands again. I can see it happening.

E: Do you have something to say to your fans?

JT: Thanks for staying strong for us. We have the greatest fans! Hope to see you out there

E: Thanks Joey for answering my questions.

Thanks to Michele Coombe and Siren Artist Management Inc. for allowing me to get this interview.

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