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The Mission

A Place To Call Home

cd a place to call home
Date de sortie: 1995
Universal Music Division Polydor
1. We Come Alive4:48
2. Under The Influence4:41
3. A Place To Call Home3:42
4. Pleasure And Pain3:55
5. Elsewhere3:56
6. Lord Of The Manor3:46
7. Don’t Go Changin’ On Me3:26
8. Harder To Leave A Friend Than A Lover3:49
9. Right To Respect2:50
10. Always A Friend Of Mine4:01
11. How Come You’re Not Dead Yet?4:29
12. For My Country3:50

Azalea Place

The Mission

cd azalea place
Date de sortie: 1997
1. The Match3:53
2. If I’d Only Known3:54
3. The One In The Glas3:20
4. Dance For You3:12
5. Not Welcome Any More3:53
6. Losing You Again4:21
7. Revolution Of Love4:08
8. Better Than Real3:31
9. If We Stay Or If We Go4:02
10. In Confidence4:27
11. Further From The Truth4:01
12. Lucky4:29

The Mission

Joey Tempest

cd joey tempest
Date de sortie: 2002
1. Forgiven3:58
2. Loved By Me3:45
3. Sometimes3:56
4. Losers3:08
5. Superhuman3:37
6. Always On The Run3:30
7. Outside Heaven3:54
8. Magnificent2:18
9. Dreamless3:35
10. Every Universe4:07
11. Falling Apart3:37
12. Don’t Change3:23